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How To Avoid A Plumbing Emergency


In our last blog post we explained what a plumbing emergency is and how to deal with different plumbing emergencies when they occur. But before we go on if you having a Plumbing emergency in Basinsgtoke call 01256 584 999 now!, 

Of course in an ideal world there would be no emergencies, and while you can’t always prevent problems from arising, some emergencies occur because of problems that have been building up over time. So what can you do to reduce the risk of serious plumbing problems in your home?

1. Get to know your plumbing system

Do you know where your main water valve is and how to turn it off? If there is a leak or another problem with your system, you’re likely to be the first person to notice, so it’s important that you’re familiar with the system so you can turn off the water as soon as possible and avoid any further damage to your home.

2. Don’t misuse your system

Some plumbing problems are caused by flushing things down the toilet that the system can’t handle. Toilets are built to process specific types of waste only, so don’t try to flush things like baby wipes, cotton wool, paper towels or anything else that isn’t toilet paper.

If you happen to have a garbage disposal, there are certain things you shouldn’t put down there either. Greasy or oily food can leave a film on the blades making them ineffective, while pasta and rice can swell with water and clog up the unit. Egg shells and fibrous vegetable peels can wrap themselves around the blades and should be disposed of in small quantities. Finally, non-food items shouldn’t be put in a garbage disposal because they cannot be broken down enough to be washed away.

3. Replace or service old parts

How old is your boiler? It’s a good idea to keep track of how many years you’ve had your system – boilers last up to 15 years, so if yours is on its last legs it may be time to think about getting a new one. No matter how old your system is, it’s also important to get your boiler serviced annually. This can keep your boiler running efficiently and it means you may get a few more years out of it than you otherwise would.

4. Use chemicals sparingly

Home plumbing chemicals such as drain cleaners may not be strong enough to tackle every problem you may run into. Some clogs are caused by major build-ups that have hardened in your pipes, and they may need a professional plumber to take care of them. Some chemicals are designed for specific pipes and can even cause damage to your plumbing or cause clogs if used incorrectly.

5. Don’t try to do repairs yourself

If you’re not very confident of your plumbing skills, don’t attempt to repair a problem yourself contact a professional at 999 Plumber, Trying to fix a problem such as a leak without professional help can worsen the problem and create more damage. If in doubt, call an emergency plumber – at 999 Plumber we can fix the problem for you with much less hassle.

By following these tips you can take steps to reduce the risk of a plumbing emergency in your home. However, some emergencies are unavoidable and even looking after your system well doesn’t guarantee you won’t run into any problems.

If you do find yourself with a plumbing emergency in Basinsgtoke or surrounding areas such as Newbury, Reading or Bracknell, contact 999 Plumber on 01256 584 999. Our professional team is here to help and we’ll get to you as soon as possible so you never have to cope with an emergency on your own.

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Emergency plumber in Basingstoke

Emergency plumber in Basingstoke